World Doula Week 2022

Happy World Doula Week!

WDW provides an opportunity to celebrate the profession, empower doulas to continue to improve the health and well being of birthing women, infants, and families, and shine light on the immense benefits of having doula support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences (read more about those benefits on the WDW website here). We celebrate each year from March 22nd to March 28th. World Doula Week 2022 shareables

After two doula babies in the last 8 days, I think this year’s WDW will be a pretty quiet one for me. An opportunity to reflect on the work that I am so fortunate to do. To be invited into families’ pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum experiences is such an honor. I get to be present for some of the most joyous, most challenging, and most intimate of times for new families. A privilege I will never take for granted.

And a big cheers to my fellow doulas this week! I am so happy to work along side so many other awesome birth professionals.

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