Birth Classes

NEW! Virtual Birth Classes

Join me for live, web-based birth classes! The same active, engaging, and comprehensive classes are now offered online. Virtual class options include: group Bradley Method® classes, 4 week Complete Childbirth Ed classes, the Birthing at Home series, private classes, and small group workshops. Contact me for more information or to get started.

Upcoming Classes:

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth- new series starting on April 27th, perfect for folks expecting late July, August, and September babies. Join us for this hybrid series, depending on the circumstances, this series may meet in-person and/or on Zoom (see detailed class description below). $375 includes instruction and a welcome package with workbook, resource pages, labor tools, and an authentic Mexican Rebozo!

Birthing at Home- a 6 week class session designed for families that are planning to birth at home. Small group classes or private instruction available, registration is open now. $325 includes instruction and a welcome package with workbook, resource pages, labor tools, and an authentic Mexican Rebozo!

4 week Complete Childbirth Ed- starting in late February. Join us on Zoom for this active and engaging series. Topics include exercises/birth prep, stages of labor, comfort & relaxation techniques, postpartum healing, and more! $275 includes instruction and a welcome package with workbook, resource pages, labor tools, and an authentic Mexican Rebozo!

Birth Classes

Bella Rose Birth Services offers childbirth classes that suit your needs and desires. Together, we cover the basics of what to expect as well as relaxation techniques, comfort measures, the postpartum period, and much more. Class information is up-to-date and taught in a manner that empowers the birthing family to make informed decisions about their care, with confidence. We discuss common interventions and medicinal pain relief but focus on the benefits of allowing birth to progress in the most uninhibited, physiologic manner as possible, highlighting natural ways of coping with the trials of labor and birth. At the end of our time together you will be equipped with the tools, support, and knowledge that you need to create your most positive birth experience. These classes are hands on and a lot of fun!


Group Classes – The Bradley Method®

The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth focuses on education, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and active partner involvement in order to prepare you and your partner for the life-altering and joyous experience that is childbirth.

Classes are kept under 8 couples to ensure personal attention and promote comfortable and meaningful practice and discussion. These classes meet once a week, for about 2 hours over the course of 12 weeks.

Baltimore area group Bradley Method® birth classes are held at a beautiful, serene, and fully-equipped yoga studio in Reisterstown, Maryland. Frederick area group classes are held at Riverside Midwifery in Buckeystown.

Birthing at Home

Birthing at Home classes have been thoughtfully designed to empower your intuition and prepare you for an extraordinary home birth experience. Curated by a three time home birthing mother and certified childbirth educator and doula, this 6 week series focuses on the use of dynamic movement and partner support as well as mastery of various relaxation techniques in order to best work with your body throughout labor and birth.

Private Lessons

Private birth classes are taught in the comfort of your home and individualized to meet your specific needs. Depending on your desires, private lessons meet for 4-6 consecutive weeks or we can meet for a 6-hour intensive session.